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First I would like to say that I have been shopping around for a either a android stick or mini pc to run xbmc on. I came across a unboxing video on you tube, and decided to buy it. Right now I'm running android 4.2.2, which is running xbmc flawlessly. This device is also capable of running ubuntu, but i have not experimented with that yet.

This is a great little device, with 3 usb ports, you can connect a wireless mouse and keyboard, and you can do anything a tablet or phone can do. The only thing it does not have is google play store. BUT you can use 1mobile market which is almost as good as the play store, tons of apps and most of them free. Its a great alternative to the play store.

Also there is a fan on the board that keeps everything cool, never has this thing ever been a little warm, It streams full 1080p, has wifi and there is a mini pcie slot, where you could add Bluetooth and that would free up your usb ports. Not to metion you can also add a HDD, there's so many options.

Overall this is a fantastic device for xbmc, maybe in the future i will try ubuntu on it, but for now its working perfect and I would highly recommend this device, especially if your into xbmc. "



I need to now how can streame with 4 tuner card 4 tp dvbs stellite channels simultaneous ?

Thanks you "


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