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Good morning, I would know which card is included in MOI+ option 2 (quad tuner DVB-T card)...TBS6285 DVB-T2/T/C Quad TV Tuner PCIe Card?
Thanks in advance.
Sergio "



Is it possible 'USB 3.0 PCI Express x1 Card' connect to MOI +?

Sincerely "


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I am dropshipper, how can my customers receive the items promptl

If you dropship product from BuyDVB directly to your customer,please make sure that the shipping address you filled in Paypal is the same with the shipping address in your order.It is important for us to confirm your Paypal payment.

If you already fill in it wrongly,please email ( call us,Our Finance Department staff will help you correct it.Or we will contact you voluntary,