MOI+ - IPTV Streaming Server

  • * The successor of MOI, is another innovative IPTV streaming server from TBS
  • * sharing live TV & radio contents to PC, Tablet, Smartphone, iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) etc
  • * Support up to 2 tuners of DVB S2/T2/C standard tuner card
  • * Perfect for users who are looking for cost effective solution for small hotel, hospital, educational IPTV projects
MOI+ IPTV Streaming Server

MOI+ Box
(Without any tuner, bare device)

Designed for users who already owned TBS cards and are able to re-assemble them as IPTV streaming server


MOI+Box+DVB-S2 Dual Tuner Dual CI Card

Designed for users who receive DVB S/S2 standard signals and are capable to watch and record two SD/ HD non-encrypted or encrypted TV channels simultaneously


MOI+Box+DVB-T2/C Quad Tuner Card

Designed for users who receive DVB T/T2 standard signals and are capable to watch and record four DVB-T2/T SD or HD TV channels simultaneously


MOI+Box+ DVB-C Dual Tuner Dual CI card

Designed for users who receive DVB-C standard signals and are capable to watch and record two DVB-C channels simultaneously

How it works?

Which TBS tuner card to use

PCIe Tuner MOI + MOI Pro
+ DVB-S2 Tuner TBS6922SE yes yes
TBS6925 yes yes
TBS6982 yes yes
TBS6985 yes yes
TBS6928SE yes yes
TBS6991SE yes yes
+ DVB-T2/T/C Tuner TBS6221 yes yes
TBS6281 yes yes
TBS6285 yes yes
TBS6290 yes yes
+ DVB-C Tuner TBS6618 yes yes
TBS6680 yes yes

-step 1. choose DVB standard:
You need to know what DVB standard(s) can be used in your region, for example, if you are located in Germany, you can use DVB-S2 for satellite TV, if you live in the UK, you probably want to use DVB-T2/T for terrestrial TV (Freeview).

-step 2. choose a tuner card:
After you decide for a DVB standard, for example DVB-S2, there are a few cards to choose from - single, dual or quad tuner card, tuner card with or without CI slot. If you are going to build a streaming server system and need encrypted TV channels, it’s recommended to use the dual tuner dual CI card TBS6991SE. If you need only FTA (free to air) channels, you can use the TBS6991SE, TBS6982 or TBS6985.